Corporate Registrars Services

Share ledger

  • Liaise with the Central Depository Systems (Pvt) Ltd. and Broker Firms where necessary.
  • Maintain a fully computerized share register as per the requirements of the Companies Act, and the regulations of the CSE
  • Attend to share transfers and transmissions.
  • Attend to shareholder correspondence.
  • Registration of important documents (Powers of Attorney, Probate etc)
  • Change of Dividend/Bank instructions.

Regulatory and statutory requirements

  • Compliance with all regulations of the relevant Regulatory Authorities.
  • Attending to private transfers of shares, transmission of shares, lodgments with CDS withdrawals from CDS.
  • Issue of Duplicate Share Certificates.

Other work

  • Regular or ad-hoc management reports as per client requirements may be arranged, subject to agreement on time and financial costs that will be necessarily incurred.
  • In addition to the above, we may arrange to advise the Board of Directors on company secretarial practices.
  • Legal and administrative support and guidance too may be arranged on request.
  • Organizing annual general meetings and extraordinary general meetings including conducting of polls.
  • Winding up / liquidation of companies.
  • Attending to formalities regarding members and creditors wind up.

We act as Managers and Registrars for the under mentioned services

Debenture Issues, Initial Share Issues, Rights Issues, De- Listings, Mandatory Offers, Voluntary Offers, Listing of Shares and Debentures Through Introductions, Trustees to ESOP, Sub Divisions of Shares, Capital Reductions, Mergers.